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You will notice that the following price list is uncomplicated and is one of the most competitive in the industry.

We have no separate start-up fees, license fees, system support fees, sponsor reporting fees or annual maintenance fees for our individually designed plan documents.

The prices quoted are for the complete plan document set of plan document, summary plan description (SPD) and adopting resolution.

Govt Money Purchase (individually designed) $1,500
Cash Balance $1,500
412(i)/412(e) $2,200
DBK $2,200
Cash Balance K $2,200
ESOP/KSOP $1,200
NQDC/409A $1,500
457(b) $750
457(f) $750
Cafeteria/SIMPLE Cafeteria - updated for PPACA $245
Health Reimbursement Arrangement - updated for PPACA $245
Premium Only Plan - updated for PPACA $245
Transportation Spending $275
403(b) Volume Submitter style $325
403(b) Prototype style $325
Consulting Support Agreement $795 per year
Individual Seminar Package - includes live web seminars and self-study modules $195 per year


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